Wizards' Guild

The Wizards' Guild is an association of Foon's wizards created by Jyn’Leeviyah the Red. As wizards generally act independently and toward their own purposes, such associations are rare in Foonish history.

Jyn’Leeviyah the Red and Usidore the Blue discuss the need for some sort of certification process to limit who can claim to be a wizard after growing frustrated with the claims of Twosidore the Casual. Jyn’Leeviyah leaves the task in the hands of Usidore.1

Usidore fails to follow up on creating the guild, and it's among the list of grievances Jyn’Leeviyah presents to him at their next meeting, leading the red wizard to take the task up herself. The first recruited were Jamillious the Mauve, and the hipster wizard Eunice the Ecru. Once they had a quorum, the guild's first concern was the expanding dominion of the Dark Lord. As the wizard tasked with his defeat, the failure was deemed Usidore's, and the guild resolved to freeze Usidore for the remainder of the fight against the Dark Lord (Chunt and Arnie would be killed). When face-to-face, however, Usidore convinces Jyn’Leeviyah of his progress, and he is allowed to continue his quest.2

Afterwards Usidore finally sends invitations of his own to the other wizards,3 but it is too late the lure the other wizards from Jyn’Leeviyah's guild.

Can the Yellow and Blorth the Brown join the guild as well, the former after the existing guild members overcome their annoyance with him, the latter after sustained pressure overcomes his depression-induced apathy.4 Spintax the Green joins following his return to Foon from Earth.5

Eventually the guild concludes the threat of the Dark Lord is so great unified action must be taken, and the first Wizards' Council is held to make plans.6


  • Telephys the White is mentioned as a potential member when Usidore & Jyn’Leeviyah first conceive of the Wizards' Guild, and again when Usidore belatedly tries to create his own guild, but he is not confirmed as a member during Jyn’Leeviyah's ongoing recruitment efforts until his attendance at the Council.
  • Jyn’Leeviyah the Red being responsible for creating the guild can be seen as a meta-joke referring to Felica Day's The Guild.
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